Meta Mate’s strength lies in the ancient knowledge from the Guarani Nation joined by scientific research to provide the best mate possible considering the environment and consumer’s needs. Meta Mate Artisanal is 100% from old-growth trees dried traditionally by small farmers or industrially. We are the only brand offering Fresh
& Wild Mate on the market.

We develop cutting-edge products with local artists both in Europe and Brazil and cooperate with industrial partners with state of art technology. We aim to bring the highest quality Mate into the Urban Context.  

All of our products are available at our shop in Berlin or can be ordered through our online shop.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 22.16.52Erva Mate: Wild and Fresh. Hand-plucked and made in a traditional way from trees in old-growth forests available in different varieties.

Cuias (Mate cups):
Unique hand-made ceramic cuias are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  From high-tech thermoglasses to traditional calabasa gourds, We offer a variety of alternatives to a normal cup!

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 14.25.35Bombas: High quality inox bombas 100% lead free are suitable to enjoy leafy but also Brazilian style powdery erva-mate, with some innovative designs.



Mate Fans:  From our natural cosmetics to delicious mate chocolate, our exclusive range of products allows Mate Fans to experience some of our unique creations handma’t’e in Berlin.

Healing Herbs – Rescuing the tradition of healing with herbs, we encourage the practice of using mate for its original purpose and with local hand collected herbs .

Consulting: We offer research, recipes and advice for both consumers and industrial partners.    Project Mate Bar  in the US is an example of our Open-Source / Open-Franchise


Mier: Berlin’s first beer brewed with Mate was the first CC- licensed consumer good world wide. This concept has been copied by bigger breweries.

Mate Limos: 
Germany has a long culture of Mate Limos. It all started with Club-Mate and we offer the best e.g.: Flora-Power, Kolle-Mate, 1337-Mate, BioZisch Mate, Chari-tea, Club-Mate Granat Apfel. 

The first Mate limonade done with fresh and wild mate, tracable back to the trees.




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