Viola’s Mate – Leafy Cut Family Gehm 2018


Leafy mate with smokey notes made by the Family Gehm with musical inspirations. WE ARE sold out OF THIS POPULAR HARVEST ORDER ONLINE AT:  METAMATESHOP

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Our Craft leafy cut mate this season was a premiere in more ways than one.  The new barbacua from the Family Gehm, was inaugurated with the drying of this mate, marking a new era for them to see their craftsmanship in mate making valorized locally in the same way that it has been abroad. None of this would have been possible without the belief and support from our partners and customers who have been drinking and praising mate from the Family Gehm for the past years.

Viola’s Mate – Leafy Melody is named after Viola who infuses her cuia with leaves from the Family Gehm on a daily basis for the past 4 years.  Viola flew down to Brasil to contribute to this harvest, not only by giving a helping hand with the physical work, but also by collaborating on a musical endeavor, and ode to mate that will be unveiled at the cultural carijo Festival next year.  You, dear customer, are also invited to come next year and make mate with us together!

Viola taking part in the sapeco of the mate

The new barbaqua was constructed completely by the Family Gehm with wood planted by Sr. Vilsom.








Dried with aromatic woods such as cabriuva and guabiroba, this mate has a special smokey note as it was the first trial in the new drying house and Sr. Vilsom wanted to ensure that the mate was dried properly.  It is already captivating many drinkers, and will enchant even more when the songs are premiered next year.

Meta Mate is about connecting drinkers with the forests and farmers who make the Mate,  And this melodious leafy mate is a testament to that. Without the appreciation by our customers of the craft mates, Families like the Gehm would not be able to preserve their heritage.


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