Orange Smoke-dried Erva

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This Mate is a great compromise for those who find Barao Erva Mate too light in taste and our traditional Meta Mate too smokey.  The Laranjeiras Erva Mate comes from a small producer in south Brasil and has a balanced smokey taste with a hint of orange that stems from the orange wood that was used to smoke-dry the Mate.  This Erva was harvested at the end of 2013 and is finely ground and vaccum packed to preserve it’s freshness.

This Mate is available in 100g packages or contact us for 1/2 or kg purchases. As a special promotion you can combine with our Mateleaks Book and pay 13 Euros. You save 5 Euros on that.


1 review for Orange Smoke-dried Erva

  1. Sergey

    I tried your new Yerba. It have very mild flavor, delicate aroma and friendly effect on the body. Barely noticeable relaxation after the second spilling and mild mood improvement. I think that it can be drunk at any time of the day. I drank it within 2 hours, 2 liters of water spilled over a cuia. We immediately see that on its cooking bothered experienced people. I think that this grade like a lot of fans of Yerba Mate. That sort of yerba mate one should always keep a spare.

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