Dream Harvest – June 2016

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Leafy cut / Cancheada and slightly aged.  For the Vaccum packed version of this limited harvest – Please contact Yerba Mate Bulgaria 

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We always try to do the best mate possible, and great Mate in Rio Grande do Sul can only be harvest after the First Frost  when the “Carijo” time starts. Unfortunately our main harvest was done in Mai, and this year at the full moon the temperatures were still above 0 degrees.


So discussing with Yerba Mate Bulgarien, Mr. Veselin, a Mate Elder Master together Fabricio they decided to do a second harvest. Fabricio asked the Gehms to once try to harvest in the night and do the sapeco on the coldest fresh air. This time leafy, and thanks to the Gehm brothers it was done in the night. So we had all the conditions to the best mate possible. It came a big surprise, in all his years of making mate, Vilsom Gehm has never experienced a  sapeco like this.


The leafy Moonshine Harvest 2016 is a premier that remember histories of his grand parents. Thanks to Ana Paula from Barao it was packed Vacuum 1 day after production and send just after to PMB in the USA where we could try it. I, Fabricio did not drink so many Mates but must say I was taken aback, It is the very first sweet Mate I have ever tried. It has honey notes. We requested more details. Vilson said It was used a part of the forest with elder trees that are not harvest very often. And the wood used for this June Moon Shine mate very precious again. The wood for the Sapeco was Cabreúva with Illex Paraguaienses branches and a little Pitanga (red berrys wood) for the taste. The Drying process was with 80% Cabriuva and a little Guavirova.

This is the most precious Mate we have done. It was only 80 kgs and they are going to Berlin. We will price it the 100 Grams for the very same 5€ for everybody to have a chance to try, but the 1/2 Kg we suggest to End Consumer for 23 €, same price than the 1 KG Powdery, by that trying to find a sustainable way to support the do Canto Family to get a full payment and make more research and development to push forword the frontiers of the best mate possible.

Below Is the general information about the Moonshine Harvest 2016:


Our harvest for the year is in the harbour and on its way to Berlin.  Collected by the Families Gehm and do Canto from the forests of Seberi, under the full moon in the coldest winter that the Mate growing region has experienced in decades, this mate has the potential to bring mate making and drinking to a new level.

The myths speak of harvesting in the night under the full moon, due to the abundance of

The forests from the Family Gehm in Seberei

The forests from the Family Gehm in Seberei

sap in the plant, the purity of the oxygen surrounding it and the enhanced properties of self-awareness that the plant posesses in this stage.   This tradition, has however, been lost. The Powdery Mate was harvested in Mai Full Moon before the Sun Rise. But at that time we still did not have the first night frost.  Please Read about details on it below.

The Mate was smoked with the aromatic Cabriuva

wood as we
ll as the Pitanga, a folkloric medicine against stomache problems.  as well as guaviroba, a traditional wood used for musical instruments.  It was then pounded into a fine powder in a mill made of anjico, a wood that is often used to treat the flu.

The full moon shining over the barbaqua

The full moon shining over the barbaqua

Leaves that still had frosted dew on them when collected

Leaves that still had frosted dew on them when collected

400kg of Moida Fina  was harvested under the Junefull moon and then 80 kg of Moida Grossa were harvested under the next full moon and we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival.



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11 reviews for Dream Harvest – June 2016

  1. Reed

    Best maté I have ever had! Nutty, creamy, & delicious!

  2. servando barreiro

    I was already in love with the smoked moida fina but this leafy moonshine is the best Mate I have ever tried. Not as foamy as the powder but really amazing taste. It reminded me to some kind of almond milk, The smoked touch is there but in perfect balance, not covering the bittersweet notes of the plant. It has also a light reminiscence to the roasted mate. It feels like if the water turns into something magical when it comes in touch with this Mate.
    The energy wave I felt it immediately but gentle and natural.
    The consistency is also great, even after half a liter of water, all the taste is there.
    If you are a mate lover as I do, This one might became immediately amongst your favorites, if not the very favorite.. – Love at first sip

  3. Clark L

    Delicious, unique, outstanding erva….it holds it’s flavor very well after many refills. This is unlike any other erva I have had. I appreciate the work Meta Mate is doing with the Prado/ Gehm family to produce these amazing ervas. Try it for yourself – words can’t bring to justice how amazing this harvest is.

  4. Dan Leone (verified owner)

    Are you serious?! How can it be this good?! Just received my Dream Harvest (plus extras, thank you!) and immediately made myself a thermos. Oh my god! The aroma is smoky but not like a gross, wet cigar. The first sip instantly transported me to a new world; rich, fresh, clean, smoky, but SO DAMN SWEET!

    You have given me the gold standard of what mate is supposed to taste like. Going forward, just know I will be dreaming of your Dream Harvest. Keep up the great work, Krithika and Fabricio!

  5. Kate Munson

    Moonshine Maté… Words fail me when trying to describe how amazing this Maté is! I will do my best…
    I was fortunate enough to have experienced this maté just weeks after harvest.
    I live in Florida and for 4+ years have been an avid fan of Meta Maté tea which is served at my favorite ‘grounding’ place, Project Maté Bar..: aka “the vortex of awesome!”
    When Jonathan, co-owner of Project Maté Bar, invited me to try the full moon harvest Maté, courtesy of Fabricio, I was blown away! I immediately said that this Maté is unlike anything I’ve tried before. Typically, I expect a smokey, earthy taste when I experience Maté. This Moonshine Maté shifted my paradigm of not only how Maté can taste but also how delightful the energy one can enjoy when drinking this magical tea.
    I was not given any information about this Maté when I had it for the first time. Jonathan simply said to Fabricio, “Kate loves Meta Maté… Let’s see what she thinks.”
    ***This Maté possessed the richest, most luscious, earthy flavors one craves when drinking Maté, yet this Maté was exquisitely feminine in nature. Delicate and smooth… powerful and kind! Rich with flavor and gentle to the palate! Wow!***
    And this Maté gifted me the most amazing energy! I would say that I felt so “present” when experiencing this divine beverage!
    Obviously, I am smitten with this Moonshine Maté.
    Please, I invite you all to experience “her” magic for yourselves.

  6. Veselin

    Well, here it is. After almost 13 years of extensive Mate experience, I would consider the 2016 Dream Harvest as the best Erva ever produced and released on any market, especially in EU and USA. This Mate thoroughly fulfills and proves the idea, that a mate can be a Meta instrument shifting one`s perspective and replacing the perception.
    Of course, we expect nothing less than Meta Mate, but this goes beyond any expectations. And definitely raising the Mate knowledge to a next level.
    I consider that the 2016 Dream Harvest “departed” far beyond the initial Moida Grossa idea.
    First, it comes the unique nose and the nutty flavor.
    Then, after the first and second Cuias the Erva starts to flourish. It disclosed an amazing new world of Mate flavors. Natural flavors, without any additives, just pure nature. The taste reminds a top class “Single Malt Whisky”, G. Penev, aged and matured in a cherry barrels with a notes of dark 70-80% cocoa chocolate. The bitterness and the level of smoke are perfectly balanced. Then, it comes the romantic sweet aftertaste which non of the known Mates can achieve.
    It can be easily steeped even more than 8-10 times with a proper temperature. Despite it can “consume” water with a temperature up to 75 degree C, but the perfect one is less or around 65.
    The cut is very similar to Meta Mate 23, e.g. leafy or close to the typical Argentinian, providing equal and easy conditions for for the novices and experienced Cebadores.
    Absolute benchmark, highly recommended.

  7. Volodymyr Pavlyshyn (verified owner)

    2016 Dream – is materialized dream of mate lovers. Mate is best friend for me since 2007 . I tried a lot of different herbs and mixes. MetaMate was a big discovery for me when i move to Germany. It was completely new universe. Is meta premium products and every product is unique. I think main reason is a people behind that love what they doing with passion of constant improvements and dream. “Dream Harvest” – is a quinteesense of meta mate. It is like a long trip to new country with old friends. Big “box of chocolate” with hundreds of tastes that change each other on every sip . chocolate , nutty , cherry. so fresh and new. Definitely #1 of mates. Big plus is leafy cut – easier for beginners and argentina style lovers. Just order and be prepared . When you tried you world will change

  8. Cristobal

    Without any doubt, this isn’t a mate: this is THE mate. Smoky, creamy, sweet, bitter…a richness of flavours that i’ve never se en before un any erva. Congratulations for this masterpiece!

  9. János (verified owner)

    there is not much i can add to the reviews above. iam a long time mate drinker and this is hands down the most ‘complete’ mate i ever had, it has everything.

    i never expected to taste a mate with more depth than the ’14 once of century carijo and then this leafy cut arrived.

    i enrich it with a bit of a smokey powder -> the perfect blend.

    AMAZING – thank you!

  10. ib (verified owner)

    I am not sure if it makes any sense to write another review because I would not say anything new that has not been said in other reviews. But it is true: it is sweet, silky, nutty and smoky (in this order, at least according to my experience), and it is the best moida grossa/coarse cut erva/yerba mate I have ever tasted. Congratulations to Gehm and do Canto families!

  11. Julien van Dommelen

    Forest Dream: It’s snowing outside, all the family is at home and I am listening to the Goldberg variations sipping on the Forest Dream heated at the perfect temperature.

    It’s got depth and variation. It’s sweet and smokey, tasty and energising. I am transported into the forests of south America where woods are pungent and fruits are sweet. I can taste the sunshine and humnidity.

    It doesn’t have the aggression of Krause. Actually it doesn’t have the single taste of any of the other mate brand. It’s a mix of all of them. It’s like it’s own blend.

    It is indeed something special.

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