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3) Erva from the End of the Worldtree
The third was from a very special source.  Deep secondary forests full of erva mate at the  end of atlantic rain forest. Like ” the end of the world”, wonderful cinema like scenery,  but most impressive were the thousands of Erveiras that have not been harvested in the last 20 years.

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imagephoto 1The Mate Hacker, Mr. Otacilio, climbed the tall trees to harvest this erva that was dried & cancheada by the Ellacy Erva Mates and pounded by hand.   We have 2kgs of this erva that was collected in Aug 2013 to send for lab exams to analyse its nutrients and to share with select connoiseurs.

This erva has a traditional bitter taste, but it has a suprising unique effects of flash of clarity on the mind and well being feelings that differentiate it from other ervas.

According to Fabricio, the mate has a  ‘Full mind sensation without any heart palpitation, jaw pressure or teeth numbness.’  The maker of it says: ‘Do you like to get high? Do you like Chocolate?, than try this erva…’ –  a funny party guy from Bohemia in Brazil, but he is right, the erva gives a unique kick. Concluding the taste is nice, but this erva is definately  not to be used only for its taste but much more for the pleasures of 5th and 6th senses.

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  1. Martin

    End of the World is a real treat, very subtle, with the hidden kick of citric freshness after the grassy overtone. I don’t mind its coarse cut, it is lovely, like a collection of wild weed behind a farmstead’s kitchen window in the late-summer period.

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