Moonshine Mate Jan 2019 – Green Sanguine *


Finely ground,  fresh & smoked mate harvested with the Family Gehm following an eclipse in Jan 2019



On January 20th 2019, we experienced a phenomenon known as a Super Blood Full Moon, a total lunar eclipse that occurred when the moon was at its closes point to the Earth.  Astrology enthusiasts described this special red moon in the phase of Leo as being a time  where we can birth ourselves, our past, our creations, our wounds, and our self-expression out into the world.  And it is exactly these intentions that we put into our January Moonshine Mate, which was harvested under the red rays of this super moon.    The effects of an eclipse are felt up to 6 months after and during the time leading up to it and shortly after many were influenced by this volatile erratic energy, finding themselves scattered or having to release wounds of the past and let go.  This mate was made to be a soothing balm for those dealing with such occurrences.

*sanguine /ˈsaŋɡwɪn/

  1. optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
  2. blood-red.

As this harvest was done in between seasons, it is limited and the price is higher than our normal moonshine Mates. We recommend using it with full awareness and proper intention, it should be savored as a fine wine and enjoyed in good company (though one is never alone with such a good mate)

The January Moonshine Mate also marks the last ‘un’official moonshine production. Days after the harvest the production of the Family Gehm was finally approved by Brazilian authorities, making it possible for their mate to be legally sold locally as well. This is a great accomplishment that sets a precedent.  The Family Gehm has been producing Mate since 4 generations sourcing leaves from their bio-diverse forest where over the past decades the Mate production and reforestation was overseen by Sr. Vilsom Gehm.   A new era has approached as his sons Ticiano and Thiago step into their parents shoes to keep the family tradition alive.

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