23 Vacuum Packed 20 x 500g

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23 pack shot with box backgroungMeta Mate 23  is an organic certified, leafy, fresh mate from Brazil has a mild taste which makes it ideal for Mate novices or those wishing to enjoy a refreshing energizing drink. It is ideal for Terere preparations (consumed cold and combined at times with juices) as well as hot mates, and can be consumed as a tea or in the traditional way.

Its bright green color and fresh aromas are highly praised by both new and old Mate drinkers as well as those working with Yerba Mate, like Yerba Mate Bulgariawho have been selling mate for 14 years and claim that Meta Mate 23 is their best product ever.  

This Mate has a validity date of January 2019, which means the Vacuum will hold until then, but the mate is still good long after this date.

Review from a Customer:


Been drinking mate for 5-6 years now but mostly from the “bigg-er” companies. When said company discontinued my favorites that I came to love it started a searching around period. I came to a partner site that sold this companies mate. Took a chance and ordered it. Not disappointed! The VERY powerful green taste is very present. Very green tea-ish nose with a very grassy undertone. The taste is strong peaty not smoky since it’s a fresh preparation. Very uplifting and really good energy that lasts all day! I tracked this mate back to it’s home site and ordered my first(of many I’m sure) shipment from them of some of their very special artesian produced mate. Looking forward to it!

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