2019 Craft Mate Package


We have put together various combinations of the new Craft Mate in package offers which includes a commemorative bag so that you can take your mate with you!   This offer is limited, and we urge you to plan your mate needs for the coming months.



New Arrival of Craft Mate to try the full harvest including a special edition Meta Mate Bag

Small package includes:  1 x  Jan 2019 500g Mate.  1 X Aug 2018 500g Mate MF .   1 x Aug 2018 500g Mate MG    1 x Meta Mate 1 500g.

Large Package includes:  1 x Jan 2019 1kg Mate.  1 x Aug 2018 1kg Mate MF  23 €.  1 x Aug 2018 500g Mate MG 15 €   1 x Meta Mate 1 500g .  1 x 23 Mate 500g.  2 x Raw Mate Blends 200g.  1 x 42 Vanilla Mate.  200g.  1 x Glassanto

The gym bags are made by dna merch, the Berlin based provider of fair and co-operatively sewed t-shirts and bags, who uses parts of its incomings in support of grassroots workers’ struggles in the global garment industry.
These beautiful and robust gym bags are produced by the self-governing and co-operatively organized workers’ cooperative Humana Nova in Croatia. The bags are screen-printed with water-based inks.

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