2017 Carijo Cancheada Mate (Leafy)


Cancheada Carijo Mate harvested by Family do Canto, Gehm, Lorenz & da Luz

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This limited 40kg production of Caayari’s Carijo is a once in a lifetime mate.

Why is this mate so special?    Collected from 100 year old native trees that have never been harvested before, this mate was dried on aromatic woods Pitangueira and Guabiroba as the books and ancient tradition recommend. Not any wood, but the best ones.

This Mate was pounded only by wood, it has had NO CONTACT WITH METAL

Note the huge sapeco flames in the photo above, only an experienced artisan can rapidy pass the leaves over this fire, the proteciton by the banana trees tunks is noteworthy.

– The drying structure (Carijo) was done in the best way possible with lots of care for this one time. Also different from our other artesanal mates, this carijo is made completely out of tender green wood (in order to not catch fire) and can only be used once As other Artesanal Meta Mate, the leaves are of native origin, it is dried traditionally and we offer full transparency of costs and origins.


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1 kg, 100g, 500g


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