Visit us in Berlin to learn more about Mate, try our range of Mate lemonades or have a traditional mate ceremony.

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Tues – Sat 11am – 6pm

Contact us before hand or just stop by, we also host tour groups on a regular basis.


Meta Mate is more than just a Yerba Mate, it’s more than just a cafe to drink Mate in, its more than just another Mate Brand.

Meta Mate is a philosophy, a way of life dedicated towards mate. It is about morphing mate into many forms for afficionados. It’s about taking the time to enjoy the best mate of your Life!

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Let your mate dreams run wild and enjoy some of our delightful mate creations from MateKati chocolates to Mier – Mate Beer, pamper yourself with our RejuveMate soap, learn how to use Mate for envigorating yourself by combining it with herbs, taste the freshness of the forest with our wild mate through our tailor-made colorful, ceramic cuias.

We promise to enlighten you with everything you ever wanted to know about mate and guarentee you’ve never tasted a mate like Meta Mate.

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