Live Reports from Brasil

Live Reports from Brasil

We have been experiencing some difficulties with our website and are posting reports from Brasil under A Royal Reception Meeting of Mates 1 Meeting of Mates 2 Mate Makers – Insider Tips Meeting of Mates 3 – Cuia Cooperative Mate Makers...

Mate Workshops at Fusion & Summer Tereres

This summer we pass the cuia to the next generation of Materos.    And as long as the sun keeps shining at a minimum of 23°, our junior Cebadors will be happy to serve you a refreshing terere.  Stop by and enjoy a calm moment. For the Month of July we will have...

Celebrating Caa’s Cuia

With its roots in the realm of the wild Gauchos, modern day mate culture is mostly male dominated.  Similar to the monocultural landscapes from where mate is sourced, its production sphere is generally dominated by patriarchal structures. Both are aimed at increasing...

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