SAMSUNG‘If you want to look like a Berliner, walk around with a bottle of Mate in your hand,’  this insider’s tip has started to make waves amongst the tour groups that search for the alternative reminisicints of Berlin in hidden corners like the Pirate Cave.  Over the past years, the Mate market has exploded and given way to a wide range of Mate drinks from politically correct Mate’s to fancy Mate drinks that try to disguise themselves behind labels like ‘fair-trade’ and ‘bio.’

Hackerbrause / Ganz/Ohlig/Vollnhals - CoverMany afficionados are delighted with the increased variety of Mate Limos, with blog reports comparing the different Mates becoming more common.  The Hacker Brause, is a bibel for such fans, with its detailed explanations on Mate’s rise to popularity and sceintific facts behind the beloved drink of Berlin’s hackers.

And Ohai Brause has taken the Mate Mania one level higher by initiating the Caffeine Hackathon that revolves around Hacker’s drink of choice.    The first Caffeine Hackathon took place 17th – 18th August in Berlin and as the name suggests, produced many creative hacks revolving around Caffeine.


Journalist, Manuela Krause attended the event to report on.  For those who were not there but would like to experience some of the recipes that were discovered there, it was all documented and put online.    it (and wrote a detailed article for those who could not attend to read about the fun they missed), and by the end of the evening, she found herself in the kitchen creating delights such as Mate Rice that was served with Mate Waffels.  It was rumoured that instead of pepper, Ohai Brause was the spice of choice.

Besides the Food Hacks and Drink Hacks that were developed that day and the informative talks about Hacker Brauses and open-source business models, the mate and creative brainstorming eventually gave way to the launching of a wiki-  MateMatic Matrix to rate different Mate Limos.

Congratulations to the organisers and participants for an amazing event and we look forward to future Caffeine Hackathons.





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