ohm2013-rect-url-520pxThe Mate phenomenon in hacker culture has pushed it’s reputation beyond a traditional communal drink to quasi-cult status, making Mate’s presence at Hackerspaces and Congresses such as the CCC and EHSM as necessary as Wi-Fi.  Hackers are renowned for re-creating the rules, and the increased popularity of diverstiy and transparency has given rise to a range of ‘hacker-brauses’ based on open-source operating systems.

At Meta Mate we continue our quest to hack mate and leak out all of the information we discover along the way.  At the OHM 2013 on 1 Aug 2013, Meta Mate presents a talk on CC Licensed drinks based on the Premium Cola model and offers a DIY Mate Hacking workshop.  and  range of open source   unifying and communal drink amongst hackersDIY Mate Hacking lecutre and workshop at OHM 2013.
Those unable to make it to the Netherlands will have an opportunity to learn more about our Mate Hacking experiences at the Caffeine Hackathon in Berlin mid-August and other upcoming events in September.

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