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The Meta Mate that we serve is entwined in reverence to Caayari and Mother Earth. The leaves are carefully harvested by hand and efforts are made to ensure that the trees are not harmed during this process by harvesting only mature leaves at the proper time. Great care is taken during the drying process to preserve the nutrients and flavor of this powerful plant.   New to Mate?  We recommend our Rainbow Range

Mate is a natural energizer and Meta Mate Raw offers this in a pure form.  Meta Mate Raw contains all the original nutrients of the living leaf. As a raw dehydrated product it can be rehydrated by letting it sit in a cup of water for a few minutes and be consumed as an infusion, blended in smoothies, or used in other food preparations.

Meta Mate Berlin

Meta Mate Berlin

From Caá to yerba mate, from club mate to meta mate. Sharing knowledge and mates for team building and communication in a deeper level!

Meta Mate strives to offer the best Mate to this world and through this preserve and sustain the life quality of the families who produce our Mate. Meta Mate stands for an open new way of doing business, adhering to the principles of Fair Trust. We want to connect mate producers and consumers in a direct and transparent way. This is why we travel to Brasil once a year to harvest our artesenal mate together. It is important for us to show mate drinkers exactly where the Mate comes from and how it is harvested and produced.

What People say about Meta Mate

After having tried just about every major Argentine, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, and Brazilian brand this is something very unique…

Mark S.

These guys are redefining mate. Really great product, as is the 23. A premium product unlike any I’ve had before it. Really helpful people too.


Meta mate raw is absolutely the best yerba mate I have ever drank, if not one of the finest natural beverages I have ever consumed… and I have consumed A LOT in my years. / Mark Kozar

It is a very nice, mellow yerba, which smell reminds a nap in a freshly made hayloft. It has a grassy taste and hue, acts soft and feels sterling…


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